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This was a sweet and very innocent read. Kate has been jilted. Left at the alter and after two hours goes home and realizes that she is tired of being bullied and controlled by her father or wanted solely for her dowery. So she hatches a plan and runs off to London for an adventure. Her fiancé totally believes that it would be OK to be late to his own wedding, that it couldn't be helped due to his business. That when Luc explains everything to his bland fiancé that she will be biddable and ok with the delay. HA! He quickly discovers that his fiancé isn't biddable or even waiting for him. He hunts her down and finds her flirting with a handsome rake in a hotel garden dressed in vibrant colors and revealing more skin than she ever did before. When she tells him that she no longer wants to marry him, he comes to realize that he might have erred more so than he thought. So he sets out to persuade her to marry him and still get the adventure she hungers for. Along the way, he comes to realize that she is the only woman for him but she still won't have him. She doesn't trust his motives and doesn't want to return to Kent to the life she left behind.

They were sweet and their story was enjoyable but there was absolutely no passion!  Zero. Nada. A few kisses and I think he had an erection at some point but nothing beyond that. It was sweet and it was cute and I totally get why they didn't give in to passion. But at the very end, while in her room late at night with the house asleep, she was in his arms and they confessed their love they so could have had a passionate moment. But no.

They had a great emotional scene when she goes to his estate in Kent and he is so cold to her but I needed more sparks. More (or any) passion and this one didn't have it. It is a re-issue so it could have been spiced up. I wanted more from them.

This was a NetGalley book offered in exchange for an honest review.