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This story takes place right after Thomas.  Thomas and Loris have gone on their honeymoon and have left Linden in Thomas' estranged sister, Theresa.  For the past 8-10 years, Thomas and Theresa have had no relationship. Thomas is disappointed with Theresa's choices 8-10 years ago and he cut all ties until Loris reached out to him about making peace with his sister.  In order to do this, he invites her and her daughter (which he knew nothing about because he refused to open any of her letters) to his home.  While Thomas and Loris are away Theresa reaches out to his neighbor, Matthew, to aid with a possibly sick horse.  Once they meet, they are drawn to each other and a relationship slowly blooms.  I enjoyed hearing about Thomas' ruined sister Theresa and I am happy to see that they both got a second chance at happiness. Both of their beginnings as parents were harsh, though they loved their children so much. He married his wife who was already pregnant with another man's child.  He stepped up to take care of her.  Unfortunately, she never truly loved him and was unfaithful to him.  Theresa had Priscila 8 years ago in order to protect herself from her cruel cousins and their machinations.  Their love story was enjoyable. The villain was a bit difficult to figure out and all the clues pointed to one person when it was someone else. The plot and writing is easy to get into. It did have some slow parts and the passion was on the mild side, but I do enjoy Grace Burrowes' take on Regency Romance and I love how all of her stories are connected and woven together.