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Rebecca Zanetti's new series is post-apocalyptic genius. The setting and plot were so well written you couldn't help but be able to visualize the world as Zanetti sees it. This is only book two but I think I have to put this down as one of my all time favorite series. Raze Shadow and the demons he faces carry the story from book one into this second installment. He rescued Vinnie at the end of book one from President Atherton. He has tried to keep his distance while trying to earn enough of her trust to betray her. His mission has always been to find Dr. Vivienne and exchange her for his kidnapped sister and he is cold enough to do it until he spends more time with Vinnie. He tries to warn her away, tries to keep his distance, but he is too drawn to her and her quirky ways.

Vinnie is damaged. All of the drugs the president pumped into her in order to tap into her "psychic" abilities has left her with brain damage that includes saying any and everything that comes to mind, even when she should keep her mouth shut, and she is haunted by her dead eccentric step-mother. She knows she is probably going crazy but she can't stay away from Raze anymore than he can stay away from her. Their relationship is explosive and passionate. The enemies are numerous and deadly. They have a new cult leader that has popped up in their midst, Jax knows Raze is keeping secrets and he is willing to kill him to keep his people safe if he doesn't come clean, President Atherton wants Vinnie and Lynn back, the Rippers are always a danger, Jax' ex-gang Twenty wants revenge, and then there are the Mercenaries who are holding Raze's sister hostage. So much is packed into this delicious exploration of a post-apocalyptic world that is as imaginative as it is compelling. The story never seems rushed, though the time span from start to finish is about a week to a week and a half. It isn't too congested with stuff that isn't needed, it is never dull, and it was so hard to put it down. I hate that I have to wait until January 2017  for the next book. I loved this book.

This was a NetGalley book gifted in exchange for an honest review.