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Book three was as good as book two. I liked Bas in book two so I was excited to read about him and the mother of his daughter, Molly. Their story was both passionate and sweet and at times emotional. They had a lot of secrets that they needed to reveal (or at least she did) in order for them to move forward. Their search for an understanding of Mysts' vision that foretold that she would create a weapon that would destroy Valhalla took them from Kansas City to France and then to Valhalla, so they had an adventure. Throw in the Brotherhood as the villains yet again; this time,  run by a psychotic woman, kept the story moving along nicely. It wasn't dull or slow and I liked watching the cold mercenary/assassin Bas go from cold and angry to warm and protective of Myst.  

Molly played a role in this one more than in Blood Assassin. She ends up going to Valhalla to keep her safe while Bas and Myst seek out answers about her vision. She wins over the Mave and the Tagos, and she becomes a hostage to the psychotic woman who was the leader of the Brotherhood when she was arrested and thrown into the prison at Valhalla. She escapes her cell and finds her way to the nursery (accidentally) and when she meets Molly, she uses her to get Myst to come to her to give her the weapon she was supposed to create.   

I enjoyed the story and how it unfolded.