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This was a very enjoyable story. This focused on the man trapped in the Evil Queen from Snow White's mirror. He is a Mage Prince cursed to be the Mirror Slave when he spurns her advances. Centuries go by and it is one cruel master after another until he meets his new mistress, Neve. She is not like the rest. She isn't cruel and she has been painfully used just like him. Neither are quick to trust, but she doesn't do what is expected of her and when she can't go through with allowing him to pleasure her because of her abusive past she runs away. He uses his magic to see into her past and life and come to realize why she is skittish. 

When she returns and finds out he has spied on her she has one of her panic attacks. Adrian coaxes her into his mirror room and comforts her. They end up comforting each other and her desire to pleasure him finally brings the remaining barriers down. She learns how to free him from his prison and when his original evil mistress makes a surprise appearance he fears all is lost. Neve comes to his rescue and sets him free condemning them both to living apart forever in their separate worlds. Or at least until another famous witch comes to the couples aid. I loved this story. It was like 60 pages long and I wasn't disappointed in how the story unfolded. It was super sweet. Super romantic. And perfect.