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Ash and Janvier's story is one I really looked forward to reading. I have enjoyed watching their chemistry anytime they partnered up. In their story, we find out why she kept him at a distance even though they both knew they each loved the other. Everyone knew they were a couple even if they didn't give in to their passions. She was trying to protect him from a heart-wrenching secret that would tear him apart if she were to give in to their flirtations and desires, but she comes to realize that by not telling him why it was hurting him. She wanted the truth to come out to help him understand. Once it does he fights to keep her and love her. Full throttle. During this exploration of their love, they are hunting down a sadistic monster that left mummified carcasses of women in dumpsters. They will not rest until justice is served and the victims are laid to rest. The scenes with her sister Tanu and her brother Arvi left me teary eyed. I enjoyed their adventure, I loved going back to Raphael's New York and seeing all of the other characters again.  Nalini knows how to weave a story of passion, mystery, crime solving, and emotion into a well-written page turner. I very much enjoyed this one.