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Sally and Roke's adventure was an enjoyable ride of highs and lows, passion and vulnerability, and strong characters and plot line. I enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching them come together, fight the evil shape-shifting villain, discover her roots and who her father is, and their struggle to come to terms that yes their mating might have started out as a spell gone wrong but it ended up being fate gone right. The moments when Sally struggles to trust him and his moments of exacerbation with her stubbornness made for a good book with no dull moments. Styxx makes an appearance which is always enjoyable and Levet plays his typical role which is always funny. Cyn is the next vampire to find his mate so in this one he plays a prominent role throughout. If you like vampires, witches, and the Fae this is a good story. If you have followed the series, this is one of the better ones, it doesn't have the slow parts that several in the series tend to have. If you haven't read the series you can read this one without too much trouble. Styxx and Darcy are the only other couple that have their own book, though Darcy is mentioned but never seen. The book before this one had the big battle with the Dark Lord that introduces us to Sally and Roke, but it has been several years since I read that one and this one recaps enough to keep the reader informed and not lost.