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Lady Grace's Husband Hunt - Ava Stone

This one was cute and not as tame or innocent than the first Ava Stone book, Lady Patience's Christmas Kitten, I read, which was a plus. I don't like tame romances. Their story was sad, how they had to spend 4 years apart even though they both knew the other loved them. Their circumstances did make for a strong and believable conflict. It made the plot line more dramatic and intense at times. I'm happy they got their happy ending, though I do feel sorry for Daniel, her fiance. The Duke of Danby plays a role in bringing the couple together and the how he did it was original and tricky, I loved it. The scene where he finds out he is free from the betrothal he did not want was priceless. Overall, cute story, not a big page turner, but enjoyable all the same. Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review.