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Mission: Improper (London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy Book 1) - Bec McMaster

Loved, Loved, LOVED this book! OMG, it is as good as her first 5 books in her London Steampunk series. This is kind of a spin-off and takes place 3 years after the final book, Of Silk and Steam. This one had intrigue, so much passion, strong characters, and a great conflict and plot. I loved the highs and lows in Byrnes and Ingrid's relationship. We have a new villain in this series, the dhampir, and they are stronger and faster than the Blue Bloods. A group of rogues (one mech, four Blue Bloods, and one verwulfen) are brought together by Duke of Malloryn to solve several crimes that he believes are actually related.  Kincaid, who is the Mech, hates all Blue Bloods. Ava, who is their doctor/scientist, has a mechanical heart and we met her in the first series. There is Byrnes, a Nighthawk (which are Blue Bloods that became one without permission), who does not believe in emotions or emotional attachments.  We have Ingrid, our verwulfen, who was part of the human resistance during the Revolution to free all humans and verwulfen from the corrupt Prince and his Echelon, who believed that everyone else was beneath them and there for their personal pleasure. There is Gemma Townsend who has too many secrets to count. And finally Charlie, the brother to Honoria, who became a Blue Blood accidentally and joined Blade's  crew in the rookeries.  Ingrid and Byrnes partnered up one year ago, and Byrnes has not been able to forget her, or how she left things and wants revenge against her. The dynamic between all of the characters, all of the subplots that hint at other stories and more intrigue, come together to create a delicious and very entertaining story.  There isn't anything I don't love about this book except for having to wait for book two.

 **I received this copy in exchange for an honest review**