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This was by far the best in the series! Passionate, adventurous, exciting, emotional, everything you want in a great romance. The characters were strong and the plot was deliciously delightful to read. Nik and Ailsa were perfect together and his struggle to trust her and her fear of never being trusted by him due to his past kept the tension ramped up from beginning to end. From their first impressions of each other based on their letters to the scene in front of her barn with the cigar and vodka and him pretending (and failing) to be a groom, to their explosive passion just made for an absolutely enjoyable read. The only thing I couldn't figure out with this one was which fairy tale was she rewriting.  Book one was a Cinderella story and book two was the Robin Hood story, so which one was this?  If you have read it, let me know, I'm curious.