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 It has been several years since I dived into the Dark-Hunter universe and so going into this one I was a bit rusty on plot details. The last one I read was Styxx so when Thorn and Karma Devereaux keep sneaking looks, when did that happen? And when did Thorn turn out to be a team player and fight with Acheron and crew? Other than that, I fell right back into the series. This one focuses on Cadegan, a demon bastard who was banished over a thousand years ago to a monochromatic hell realm controlled by Morgan la Fey (enter the connection to Kenyon's Lords of Avalon series, YAY) by his own brother (who actually isn't his brother). Josette is from the Devereaux clan of witches, psychics, demon slayers, and eccentrics that gave us Tabitha, Selena, and Amanda just to name a few who had their own books and run in with their very own DH. Jo doesn't believe in magic and life has been pretty shitty to her lately. Her cousin offers her a job and this job leads to her falling through a mirror portal into the realm where Cadegan resides. He rescues her, they give in to passion (rather quickly for my tastes), and the plot line progresses steadily from there. They have to fight their way out of the realm, Cadegan has to fight the urge to give in to his demon side, and Jo has to come to terms with the fact that she is falling in love with a man that is magic personified. Overall a good story, not my favorite in the series, or even in my top 5 favorites in the DH series, but it also wasn't my least favorite in the series. It was good. I liked it. I am happy to be reading and catching up on the series. Love the universe (so much so that I have a double bow DH tattoo done in white tattooed behind my ear) and the characters.