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Alec, the Duke of Warnick, was introduced in A Rogue Not Taken. He is a Scotsman who hates all things English. So when he discovers that he has a ward in London he knew nothing about and that she has gone and done something scandalous to ruin her reputation, he has only one thought- get to London and get the chit married off quickly then get back home to Scotland. What he isn't prepared for is Lily, a woman who is both strong and courageous yet also very vulnerable and hurt. Their sparring back and forth was delightful to watch. Their going from being attracted to each other to quite annoyed with the behavior of the other made for a high emotional and passion filled love story.  Their race against time to find the scandalous painting before all of London sees Lily's shame, the appearance of a woman from Alec's past that left him scarred and believing himself unworthy of a beauty like Lily, and the return of the characters from the Rules of a Scoundrel series and The Rogue Not Taken make for a fun read. I enjoy the characterization that Sarah MacLean does so well. Her female characters are always so strong and passionate and the men who fall in love with them are very much their equals, flaws and all.