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Vexed (The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor Book 1) - Ava Stone, Elizabeth Essex, Erica Ridley

Ava Stone's story is part of a trilogy book.  I have not read the other two pieces in it. I received this copy in exchange for an honest review (of Ava Stone's piece only).


A cute spooky ghost story about Lord St.Giles who has loved Cassy for more than a year. He has invited himself along with his friend Michael to the reading of her Great Uncle's will just so he can see and woo her. She is a woman who is intimidated by his reputation and has tried a avoid him. St. Giles scheme to catch her at the spooky and haunted castle succeeds and he sets out to finally win her hand. The relationship blossoms but there is a problem, she can see ghosts and when she sees one very foreboding ghost she can't help but scream.  Everyone there, including her parents and St. Giles, believe that she has gone mad.  At first, he tries to believe her, but her ability to see ghosts that he cannot see causes him to wonder if maybe she isn't the wife for him. Will he throw caution to the wind and realize that life with her is worth a ghost or two?  It was cute, sweet, and romantic. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two main characters and the struggle they face concerning her ability to see (or not see) ghosts.