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Night's Honor - Thea Harrison I enjoyed this one a lot. Another series that I have fallen behind in and am glad to revisit the Elder Races world. Xavier and Tess are beautiful together. Their story isn't rushed, they come together slowly and naturally, and their love and passion are beautiful. I love how Xavier won't let her run away, the scene in the ballroom where they confess secrets was emotional, his attempts to teach her to waltz were funny, and how she saves herself from Malphas was priceless! When they came together it was beautiful and intimate. He comes right out and tells her he wants her in his life for more than one night. Loved that! It was refreshing to have a male lead lay everything out there so there was no doubt where they were headed long term. I don't want to go too much more into saying everything I loved about this story but it is definitely one of my favorites in the series. I don't usually include favorite quotes anymore with my reviews. I love them but they became too time-consuming when I took on high school yearbook. So I quit doing that as part of my reviews, but there was a small one in this one that I couldn't resist including. It was beautiful. Favorite Quote More gunfire sounded. Webs of fractures starred the front and back windshields, but they held for now. "I need guns," Tess snapped. "Lots and lots of guns." Folded into the small space between the front seat and the dashboard, she looked terrified and sounded furious. In spite of the urgency of their situation, Xavier almost smiled. He bent over her, tilted up her face and whispered, " Tell me it's okay to fall in love with you." She gave him a wide-eyed, cranky stare. Her lips were bloodless. "You'd better. I'm not falling in love all by myself." He gave her a swift, hard kiss.