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This was a beautiful story about two people who wanted to change the world of the cotton mill workers. One was the American heiress Amanda Keane who owns her own mill in America. The other is Stephen Cory a second son turned journalist and activist fighting for the rights of the poor mill workers in England. He sees her as just another mill owner and that she can't possibly be different or compassionate in her dealings with her workers. She sees him as a man hell bent on putting all mill owners into a dark and greedy light. Neither wants to know the other, but when he mistakes her under the mistletoe both of their paths are irrevocably changed. Their love story was sweet. My only pet peeve was that when they give in to their passions, it is in the basement of a mill that is burning down and they are blocked from the only escape route available to them. Hundreds of people are outside, and they all know that both ran into the burning building to save a little boy. I understand that they thought they were going to die but really, in a situation like that how could they think about having sex! Confessing their love, yes. Kissing passionately, definitely yes. But full blown, first time for her sex, no. It was weird. I get the passion filled and emotionally charged moment but going all the way was a bit too far fetched for me. I would have preferred for them to come together once back at the estate. That was my only pet peeve. I enjoyed the story, plot line, and character development. I loved how he purposes to her at the end.

Copy received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.