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Book 2 in the Dark Arts series was very entertaining.  Adrian and Verity are perfectly matched in every way, and the sparks that fly between them from the very moment the meet ( love the fight scene in the beginning when he catches her stealing from him) set the story off on the right foot.  It is fast paced, passionate, entertaining, Lady E is awesome in book two, and the conflict is strong and well developed.  I liked book two better than book one, for sure.  Sebastian and Cleo are back as a sub-plot romance and it is just heartbreaking watching them and their doomed (supposedly) romance.  When the plot deviates and takes us to them it doesn't feel like it slows the story down, like some subplots can do.  I wasn't frustrated anytime we left the main couple to meet up and see what is going on between those two. I am very much looking forward to their book! The villains are back at it and the stage is set to overthrow Drake and the Sorcery world as our characters know it. The battle at the end is just as epic as the one in book 1 and very easy to visualize.  McMaster does do a good job describing the battle in a way that makes it easy for a reader to follow along and see it unfold.  There are surprises in the end too which I didn't see coming.  Book three will hopefully be just as delicious and entertaining as this book.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book.