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Book 2 was a very passionate and intense love affair between Daisy and Ian.  We met Ian in book one, he is the one who flirted with and tried to steal Archer's wife (and Daisey's sister) Miranda.  There is a werewolf on the loose and Ian rescues Daisy from an attack.  From that point on, they are together, inseparable.  Their characters were great and well developed.  The plot was entertaining and faced paced.  Their passion and love was beautiful. I loved every second of this book.  Ian was such a strong character and Daisy was the perfect match.  But things aren't all flowers and champagne, they must stop a werewolf, keep humans from discovering the existence of supernaturals, stop Ian's brother and king of the Were's from exposing them to the humans, and of course fall in love and prove to each other that they could trust the other.  It was a well put together story and I can't think of anything I didn't like about it.  I highly recommend this one.