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Oh, this was so good!  I love Alf; she has been a favorite character since she swaggered onto the scene.  Secrets are revealed and passions flair in this latest installment of the Maiden Lane series.  Hugh, the Duke of Kyle, the bastard son and spy of the King, hires Alf to seek out information on the group who tried to kill him. He hasn't forgotten about the boy who took him up on his offer of dinner, let him try to win him into snitching on his then employer, and then unceremoniously spilled all of the food into his lap and told him no.  But he does know that if he wants information found in St. Giles, then Alf is his man.  Unbeknownst to him, Alf isn't male and is in fact the Ghost of St. Giles he kissed the night before when the Ghost came to his rescue. (I know lots of plot details, but it all comes together so beautifully).  When Alf is harmed, she runs back the the Duke of Kyle and Kyle takes him under his wing.  Once there, the partnership flourishes and secrets come to light; because let's face it, once under the same roof and with Alf's attraction to him, things are bound to happen and identities discovered.  I loved the ride; they are two strong independent characters that when they come together they merge into a great partnership.  Their love affair, their friendship, and their adventure are great to watch unfold.  Together they bring down the Lords of Chaos, Kyle learns to love again, and Alf finally finds a home and a family.  The story is full of humor, strong supporting characters, a wonderful and well-developed plot, and a strong conflict that keeps the story progressing well from start to finish. Wonderful story.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book.