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St. John Evernight has lived through his own personal nightmare and has freed himself from Queen Mab of the Fae.  Time has passed and he has embraced his new role as Judgment and sworn off all female relationships.  All of his experiences were cruel and scarred him deeply, but there is one woman who already owns his heart and has since they were children, Layla Starling. Layla never forgot her childhood friend and when she arrives at her guardian's home she discovers him there with Augustus.  She is excited to see him, but he has become a cold and distant man.  His coldness and cruel comments hurt her but she is not willing to give up on the man she has loved her whole life.  

St.John is commissioned by Augustus to protect and train Layla who is coming into her maturity and discovering that she isn't human at all. He thinks that he will be able to keep her at a distance, but the more time together the more he remembers of how Layla was always the women he loved but he fears he cannot give her want she wants, a true husband.  He stands back and watches as she flirts her way through gentlemen all the while aching to claim her.  She villains draw closer to Layla so do Layla and St. John.  

This was very enjoyable.  The struggle St. John has to trust and open up to Layla, and Layla's refusal to give up on him was beautiful and entertaining to watch.  The villain was formidable and the battles were epic.  The side story with Augustus and Lena finally coming together was a nice side plot.  The secrets revealed, the love claimed, and the fates embraced for all involved made for a compelling story.  His sisters and their husbands play roles in this one so it was nice to see how they have been doing.  I very much enjoyed the ending though it did have the feeling of tieing up loose ends as if this is the final book in the series. I hope it isn't. I have enjoyed diving into the Darkest London world that Kristen Callihan has created and I hope there are more adventures to come.