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Book 1 in a new series by Grace Burrowes was enjoyable. I enjoyed seeing all of the Windhams again, though it has been so many years since I read their books that I found it difficult to remember the ins and outs of their stories and characters. I kind of wish I reread their books before jumping into this next chapter. Some of the scenes seemed glanced over or not drawn out in detail as they should have been. The plot was a bit slow at times and the characters were a bit flat at times. Hugh Murdoch was the most well-drawn character with enough detail to paint a strong character. The villain was a bit weak for my taste. I need more from the villain. The conclusion was beautiful and romantic. I loved how Megan put the villain in his place. The last scene at the ball was perfectly well written. It had very fairy-tale-Esq qualities that made me smile through the whole scene. Overall, it was a good story, but not my favorite. It didn't come up to par with Burrowes' Virtuoso, Soldier, and Heir. That still stands as my favorite series.