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Hard to Handle (Gargoyles Series) - Christine Warren

The next installment of Christine Warren's Gargoyle series introduces us to a twist in the plot.  Guardians are supposed to be male, they have always been male, until now.  Ash is summoned after one of her brethren is destroyed and she doesn't understand why she exists.  Michael is present when she is summoned and he is very hard-headed in his belief that magic does not exist.  Even when it is before his eyes he wants to refuse its, and Ash's, existence which of course brings tension between the couple.  He hates the fact that he is thrust into a world he doesn't want to belong to and he takes his anger out on Ash.   Their passion when it happens is so explosive, I loved it.  They were intense and once they give in, it is all over for the both of them.  They, individually, of course, acknowledge that the other is their mate.  Ash doesn't believe she will have a happy ending like her brothers because she is female and the story of the original 7 Guardians finding their mates can't include her because she isn't into females. She wants Michael but doesn't believe she will end up having him as her mate.  The battles are intense and two previous Guardians and their mates come to aid Ash and Michael save his sister and the world from another Demon being freed from its prison.  I enjoyed their story, I loved their passion, and I was entertained from beginning to end.  Warren knows how to tell a tale of love, passion, and excitement.  This was a Netgalley read.