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The new spin-off series of the Elder Races starts off with one witch who has inherited a 5-acre estate in England (if she can get inside the manor house) and a war-hardened warrior of the Dark Court whose only goal is the get the remaining few of his warriors back home. He doesn't have time for love, especially of a smart-mouthed courageous witch he can't seem to stop touching. She can't stand his archaic bossy nature and his tendency to give orders rather than to simply ask her for something, but she can't keep her hands off him either. As they fight against the Light Court, solve the mystery of the cursed manor house, and  discover whether within its walls there might be passageway back to his home, they come together in explosive fashion. When they aren't fighting with each other, they are kissing each other.  He tells her they have no future in one breath, and in the next he is telling her he loves her but shouldn't.  She fights alongside him, loving him, and knowing full well they have no future. Their story was entertaining and passionate.  I loved their dialogue, especially hers.  Her lines were hilarious and The Harrison wrote her dialogue really well.  The character comes through really clearly through her dialogue.  I liked how she was a strong independent woman who gave Nikolas hell while they fell in love and in the end how she held her ground until he asked her to marry him was a perfect way to end the story.  I look forward to book 2.