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I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book. I haven't heard of this author and she reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reading her book. The premise intrigued me so I gave it a shot and I am glad I did. The premise was interesting, a witch who has been reincarnated multiple times and has lived for centuries stuck doing the will of the gods. She is strong yet doesn't always see any hope and freedom in her future though she desperately wants it. Raven is a jaded man bent on vengeance against witches and driven to cure his tortured brother. The last thing he expects is to fall for a witch and have his views on what a witch is supposed to be like questioned. The villain in this story is fate; will she be doomed to repeat one life after another powerless against the goddess that controls her. There is a demon bent on manipulating all involved to get what he wants, a goddess determined to stop a prophecy no matter the lives she has to destroy, an ancient witch who wants the prophecy fulfilled so she can be reincarnated, and finally Venlordians who are witch hating humans. The plot is full, there is action, drama, passion, and well-developed characters that carry the story from beginning to end. My only negative was at the very beginning it was a bit difficult getting my barring as to what the goddess actually wanted her to do, her next mission wasn't clearly stated so I spent a chapter or two trying to follow what was going on and where the action was heading. But once Raven enters the scene and I get wrapped up in the tension between the two of them, I really didn't much care about the mission she was supposed to be on because they fed the story and pulled me into their turmoil and attraction.  I was pleasantly surprised how well developed the plot was and how much I enjoyed reading this book. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance.