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Nobody's Hero (The Burned Lands Book 1) - Bec McMaster

Bec McMaster takes the plunge into post-apocalyptic romance and delivers a juicy story filled with tormented men, strong-willed women, bad guys you can easily hate, and passion that sucks you in from the moment they set eyes on each other. Riley was late getting back to her settlement; she knew she was risking get caught out at night by the wargs or reivers. What she doesn't expect is to hit a man with her jeep as she rushes home. But he ends up not being just any man, a handsome wage who is bent on using her as bait to lure his enemy out to confront him. He is bitter, focused on vengeance against the man who turned him, and he doesn't care who he has to use to get it. Man, was Wade not expecting a feisty and strong woman who fights him at every turn yet still shows a vulnerable side that he grudgingly wants to protect. They set out as unlikely partners when a boy is kidnapped by reivers. She will help get to his enemy in exchange for him helping her rescue the boy. Along the way sparks fly, she shoots him with a dart gun and punches him pretty good a couple of times.  She was feisty and I loved that she wasn't weak-willed. Confused by their feelings they try to push the other away but when he is captured she goes to his aid. The plot is strong, entertaining, and the characters are well developed and dynamic. I enjoyed their love story and their adventure to rescue a little girl. In the end, he gets the happily-ever-after he never thought would be possible since becoming a warg. Old enemies are destroyed and old friends are forgiven by the end of the story. I loved it and I will definitely read book two. I love Bec McMaster and her Steampunk, and her exploration into this genre was a delicious success too. I received a copy from Bc McMaster in exchange for an honest review.