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Bad Wolf -  Jennifer Ashley This one was a bit boring. It focused on Broderick and Joanne and I needed more from the couple. This is a novella so it doesn't have the development of a full novel and I can see that their story really didn't hold enough aspects to make it one. Broderick is supposed to be this hard ass but he comes across as more bluster. He refuses to see that Joanne is his mate. I did like how Tiger kept telling him that she was his mate and Broderick really just needed to accept the fact. The villain really wasn't one, she was more a victim who is being used by the Fae to open a portal into this realm from Faerie. The most interesting character in the story was the dead Guardian in Faerie. He was compelling and strong. It has been some time since I read a Shifters Unbound story, but some have more presence and power to the story and characters. This one was just lacking something.