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DARK WARRIOR UNLEASHED - Alexis Morgan I loved Alexis Morgan's Paladin series a lot so I have been interested in this series for some time now. I finally sat down to read book one in her Talions series and I enjoyed the adventure. She has strong characters, an intriguing plot, and an antagonist that was just as strong as the protagonists. Kerry doesn't know she is Kyth and when she ends up being the hero at a dance club fire she attracts the attention of not only the arsonist but also the Kyth warrior, Ranulf. Ranulf is the assassin that his queen calls in only for the hardest cases. He has killed for a thousand years and all he wants is peace. He is feared even by his own people. But he cannot stay away from Kerry. Their romance was passionate and explosive. Overall, I enjoyed the story and I look forward to book 2. My only negative (and it really isn't a negative) is I would have liked for Ranulf to not have shared his love with her before the final battle. I think it would have added another layer of tension if she had confessed her love but he didn't, at least not to her. From the beginning, this mission was to be his last then he would have been set free from his oath. I think if after the final battle happened that he did leave and she let him go because she loved him enough to set him free, would have added another level of emotional tension to the story. He could then realize his mistake and go back to her and confess his love for her. I did like how he proposed marriage and their wedding, they are quite cute together.