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Quantum: Red Rock Alien Mail Order Brides 1 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) - Erin Kellison Sophia has arrived in Sedona looking for her lost brother, what she doesn't expect to find is that aliens are real, her brother is neck-deep in with them, and that she is about to fall in love with a pod made ex-soldier turned space pirate. Tey Raider is an ex-soldier that was abandoned by his people when they lost the war. Him and his fellow brothers, all genetically created to be "cannon fodder" in the war, have become obsolete and thought all terminated. Tey has found his way to Earth in hopes of stealing a means for him to have a life of his own, and a real name, see his name literally means "third raider" due to his role in the war. He wasn't even worth a real name and that is what he wants most out of his freedom and life until he bumps into Sophia. Their adventure thrusts them together and they become unlikely partners; he will help rescue her brother and she will return the crystal that he stole and hid in her purse. Their story was cute, they fell in love way too quickly, but the plot and action were enjoyable. The characters were interesting and the conflict entertaining. I liked it, though I would have liked to see them slow down on the falling-in-love part.