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Wild Things -  Jennifer Ashley

Mason has got to get out of his house before the feral shifter Alek kills him, so he volunteers to go hunt down a shifter healer. To do that he has to go to New Orleans and consult a human psychic to figure out where to start and he doesn't believe in any of that. He goes and meets Jasmine, who is a friend of Bree's from Lion Eyes. He doesn't hide his skepticism or that he thinks it is BS. When her nasty and aggressive boyfriend shows up and threatens her, his shifter protectiveness takes over.  He gets him to leave with the help of Jazz's very haunted house (it is actually quite funny the role the house plays in protecting Jazz). One thing leads to another and she ends up going back to Austin with Mason. From there Mason becomes a true believer, the course is set for them to go to Alaska to find the healer, and a lot of sparks fly between the two. Jazz cares for him but ever since a shifter broke her heart when he found his true mate she isn't willing to think long term with Mason. In the end, Mason proves to her that what they have isn't temporary but permanent. It doesn't hurt that the house in New Orleans totally approves of him. It was a very cute story with an entertaining plot and conflict. Their road trips take them out of Austin which is refreshing. It is less than 200 pages but it really doesn't feel like a novella. The curse of the novella is nowhere near this story. It was very enjoyable and entertaining.