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Firestorm: A Dragon Romance (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant

The next installment of Donna Grant's Dark Kings brings us Demetri and an archaeologist named Faith Reynold. Sound familiar? If you have followed DG, then you know that her Dark Warriors, Aaron and Dr. Veronica Reid's story Midnight's Kiss had the same MO. Demetri is sent to his ancestral home of Fair Isle because reports say that an archeologist has discovered dragon bones. He hasn't set foot there since the Kings sent their dragons away centuries ago and he isn't too happy to be going back. With Ronnie's help he is hired on as protection for the dig site because "the crazies" have been coming out trying to get a look at real dragon bones; what he doesn't expect is to find Faith to be passionate, innocent of anything more malicious than a thirst for knowledge, and Fae trying to get to his dragon's bones. He sets out to find out how he could have possibly left one of his Whites behind to die alone and to protect the delectable and open-minded Dr. Reynolds. Once back at Draegan, things become more clear that there is a new enemy afoot and Demetri has to stop it from destroying his new-found true happiness with Faith. I enjoyed the story, but I always enjoy any DG novel. She blends passion, adventure, interesting conflicts, and she is great at blending subplots that don't leave you thinking "why can't she just stick to the yummy couple". It is fun from the first page to the last and this one didn't disappoint. I love the Dark world and am always happy to return to it. This was a Netgalley read.