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Revealed: A Paranormal Romance (Rapture's Edge Series Book 3) - Caris Roane

The third and final book that follows Duncan and Rachel brings us our first glimpse of Rapture's Edge, Rachel has a big secret that she doesn't know how to reveal to Duncan, Seer Megan has a big secret to reveal, and our next warrior to fall to the Breh-Heden is revealed. Rachel and Duncan still have not finished the Breh-Heden bond and all seems lost when a settlement of women and children is destroyed by Chustafus. The story was enjoyable, a bit slow at times, but good. The moment Rapture's Edge is revealed was intense and when they finally complete the bond was passionate and perfect.   I look forward to Owen's story next (at least I hope it is his story next).

Caris Roane gave me a copy to read. My only obligation is to give an honest review.