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This was such a wonderful story. I have read a lot of Paul Quinn's historical romances so when she reached out and asked if I would be interested in reading her new paranormal romance with dragons, I jumped at the chance. I wasn't disappointed. I loved Marcus. He is the last of his kind and he resents it when his fellow Drakkons, who turned into humans willingly, come to him and force the change all so that their leader Patrick can get his hands on a treasure that Marcus supposedly has.  He vows to seek vengeance and in the process, he finds himself in Samantha's barn. He knows she is a virgin, something that Drakkons desire to claim (and usually kill and eat) but the longer he gets to know her the less he wants to eat her and the more he simply wants to claim her for his own mate. But will he give up the chance to become Drakkon once more? She has come to England and bought a run down castle. She has escaped a horrible situation with her

She has come to England and bought a run down castle. She has escaped a horrible situation with her exfiancé and all she wants to do is claim a home for herself, something she has never had as an orphan from New York. When a naked man falls from the sky into her barn she doesn't know what to expect; though she suspects he must be a crazy man escaped from some hospital when he starts spouting nonsense about being a dragon and can talk to her telepathically. When he leaves she hopes to never see his crazy hotness again but of course she does. Together they learn that family isn't what you are born into and that being human isn't that bad at all, as long as they are together. When Patrick comes seeking the treasure and risks Samantha's life Marcus has to decide to remain a man forever or turn back into a Drakkon in order to save her and the treasure from Patrick's clutches. I loved the story, loved the characters, loved the passion and conflict- just loved it. I definitely recommend this one.