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I love paranormal and historical romance novels. I love talking about books and finding out about new authors and books to read. I also love supporting and promoting my favorite authors.


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Windswept - Sabrina Jeffries, Deborah Martin

Book two in Sabrina Jeffries Wales series follows Evan who has grown into a very successful scholar thanks to the kindness and love of his friends Juliana and Rhys, who we met in Stormswept. He is no longer the abused farm hand's son, though he still carries the concerns that he won't be worthy of any woman because of his past. He is out to avenge his friend Justin's murder which leads him to Catrin's doorstep. She was the last to reportedly see his friend and he suspects that she might have had a hand in his murder. What he doesn't expect is a beautiful and enchanting, yet shy woman, who swims in a fabled loch in only her shift. She has been on the hunt for a chalice that a great-great-grandfather sold a few generations ago. She believes that she is cursed and cannot marry until she finds this chalice. She also fears that someone will come looking for her in connection with Justin's death. What she doesn't expect is a well-known scholar seeking her out for assistance with a new book. Sparks fly quickly between the two and both tell lies to protect their secrets. When those lies are discovered they have to work to win the other's trust once more. It was enjoyable. The villain wasn't revealed until the end and the conflict was emotionally tense at times. Evan sometimes came off as a bit too overzealous in his desires for her but as the story progressed the plot strengthened and the book was an enjoyable read. I liked Stormswept more but this was fun and passionate and I liked it.