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This retelling of one of my absolute favorite fairy tales was exactly how I envisioned an adult version to go.  Adam and his back story are quite tragic and explain his character perfectly. The events that lead Isabelle to leave home with her ill father were horrible, no spoilers, promise. The moment she knocks on Adam's door and demands entry during the storm pretty much set the tone for how she was going to be the one to pull Adam out of the past and into living life. I very much liked the small adult changes to the plot, it took it from a Disney fairy tale to a full blown passion filled love story centered around two people who find love and happiness out of the ashes that were their pasts. My only negative was that it started off slowly and at times the descriptions seemed a bit drawn out. It took some time for things to pick up and for the plot to become engrossing. The moment that the plot does pick up was when Isabelle had stayed at the "Beast's" castle for a few weeks and their friendship began to grow into something more. Once that happens, it was hard to put the book down. I enjoyed it, it was a fun read.