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The story starts off well.  They have not seen each other in 5 years, not since she left him to go explore uncharted planets, which was her dream.  He almost hates her for leaving him.  Since she has been gone, his life has gone downhill fast and now he is a criminal.  He shoots her ship out of the sky (he doesn't realize it is her spacecraft) and so when they meet things are strained, obviously.  Things start to get rushed once they arrive at the city.  First, she is his captive and she is angry about it and then in the next moment she is helping him and his crew to not get arrested.  When she finds out some of his past, she jumps to his defense and suddenly he is her consort.  He goes from wanting to complete his mission to get off the planet to seducing her and playing the role of consort.  It happened way too fast.  This story could have been developed more, the conflict developed into something that could have made for more than a 91-page story. The wedding event and consequently the attack and heroics of Simon did add to the plot. How they came together afterward and won the chance to be together was romantic. I really did like that sequence of events.  The middle of the story between them leaving the woods to the hatched plan to take place while everyone was at the wedding was the part that was rushed. I would have liked to see more development, to have their reunion prolonged a bit more.  I enjoyed it, but it is a novella, so it has the rushed feel of a novella.