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Kraw's Secret - Deborah Cooke

Kraw's Secret is another short story that focuses on a minor character, this time the Viceroy to the King and Queen of Incendium.  His family has kept a dark secret and it comes out through the ShadowCaster that Acion delivered to the king in Wyvern's Warrior. The story builds up and Kraw is very fearful of how the king will perceive the betrayal that Kraw's ancestor perpetrated several generations ago. I expected more of a reaction than what the king actually gives, the hype was more intense than the aftermath.  We are also introduced to Kraw's nephew who will become his apprentice, and we can see that there are already sparks between him and another dragon princesses.  That was the highlight of the story for me, the rest left me feeling disappointed.  There is no romance and it doesn't really hint at what the long-term plot of the series might entail (besides one of the future romances). The story was ok.