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It has been many many years since I have dived into the sci-fi fantasy world that is The League. I worried that I wouldn't be able to remember all the characters and plots but they jumped off the pages as if they were alive and well and have just been waiting (not so patiently) for me to return to their world. Dancer Hauk is a founding member of the Sentella, a group of assassins bent on destroying The League, a corrupt government /military group that terrorizes the universe. He would love nothing more than to find himself knee-deep in certain death rather than take his nephew on his Endurance test. His nephew hates him and the last time he went on an Endurance test was his own when his older brother died; now he is expected to take his dead brother's cantankerous son and not kill him. Sumi is sent to find dirt on him and the Sentella and if she succeeds, her boss will free her daughter from League custody. But she can't do it once she meets Hauk. He is too honorable a male. When her secrets come out she knows he will kill her but she can't kill him and in fact, defends him and his nephew and niece from mercenaries who were sent to kill Hauk. Their passions flair once the truth comes out and Hauk is tired of being pledged to his dead brother's wife (a cultural requirement that he has yet to fulfill), and when he finds out that Sumi desires him for who he is and doesn't care about his scars, he can't stay away. Once back home on Andaria, they have the fight of their lives; they have to save her daughter, save Hauk from the mercenaries, and save Sumi from Hauk's dead brother's widow who doesn't want him but doesn't want him happy either. It was a great story and I loved their adventure and love story a lot. I loved seeing all of the old gang with all of their kids. I'm diving right into Born of Defiance next and am excited.