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Man, talk about a tear jerker, heart-wrenching, beautifully tragic and passionate story. I honestly cried a couple times. It was so good, better and more focused than The King. Assail and Marisol didn't play as much of a plot roll in this one, though Assail was present a few times. Layla and Zcor's plot line was there but it also wasn't as heavily focused on in this one as it seemed to be in The King. This one did Selena and Trez's story justice. A beautiful telling of a love story that at least at the end of this one didn't have a happy ending (though to those who read BDB, you go into this one knowing that a happy ending is going to be hard to pull off). I do hold out hope though that we haven't seen the end of Selena and that at some point they will get their happy ending. This one was definitely worth the tears. I liked that iAm got a happy ending. I liked his story, he has worked his whole life to protect Trez, so for him to have his own love story and how Trez was so supportive, even during his tragedy was beautiful. On to Blood Vow (book 1 in the Legacy spin-off) then I'll read The Beast and see what's going on with Rhage. So good.