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The Beast (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series) - J.R. Ward

This one was good.  I enjoyed watching Rhage and Mary's journey to parenthood and Bity was just too cute. There was emotional tension (Rhage was seriously injured in the beginning) and he doesn't understand why there has been this distance between him and Mary until he holds L.W. then it is like he just got blindsided by the fact that he wants to be a father but knows Mary can't have any. Mary feels guilt for the fact that in the back of her mind, she fought to save Rhage not because she couldn't live without him, but rather that she didn't want to leave Bity all alone. I very much enjoyed watching Rhage and Bity together, and Assail is becoming more and more prominent in the battle against the Brotherhoods foes. The action was great, Layla does have her twins, Zcor is in the Brotherhood's custody, and the plot just flowed really well and had strong conflicts. This one was good.