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Book two in the spin-off series brings us Morgan Le Fae's story. We met him in book one, he was the bad guy that Isabeau Queen of the Light Fae commanded. But even in book one, we saw that he wasn't all that bad. In this one, we find out the truth and when he risks his freedom to save Sidonia, a musician he found while escaping from the Light Fae Court, we come to realize the depths of his character. When Sid is kidnapped by Robin and her livelihood threatened by Mordred's cruel actions, we see that she will be Morgan's perfect match. They were great together. Their story of getting to know each other, her tenacity to learn all of his secrets, and his draw to her no matter the risks was great to watch develop and grow. Their passion is so explosive and romantic. I loved the plot line, the conflicts they have to overcome and when Sid gives up her chance at happiness to set him free you can't help but get choked up along with her.  I loved the story a lot even more than I liked book one.