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A Vampire's Embrace - Caris Roane

The next installment in Caris Roane's spin-off of the Blood Rose series brings us Holly, a college professor that on the outside comes across as uptight and judgmental. She doesn't agree with Rez's desertion from the Vampire Guard. He is a rough-around-the-edges biker type that likes women and hates commitment. He doesn't have time to deal with Miss Lofty College Professor when he is hunting for his kidnapped daughter, the only surviving member of his murdered family. He doesn't care what people think of his actions to leave the Guard and he certainly doesn't seem to like Holly, but when he is injured fighting the Invictus he knows he is moments from death and reaches out to Holly who had healed him months earlier in a bar fight with Mastyr Stone. She comes to his aid because she is drawn to him though she doesn't want to be. That moment of healing him starts the ball rolling on their adventure with looking for his daughter, dealing with their strong attraction to each other even though they don't particularly like each other, and the new development of Holly being a Blood Rose. Sparks fly and they come to know each other better, but Rez tells her straight up that he has no love in his heart to give her and doesn't want a relationship with her. She knows she will have to find a Mastyr to bond with even though she only wants Rez. She refuses to push him for more than he can give and in the end sacrifices herself to save his daughter. Rez of course only needed a push to realize that he loves Holly and he flies to her rescue. I liked them as a couple. They are strong, the conflicts they face to have a relationship are well developed and they come together slowly (sort of). I liked the pace, the passion, Holly's rebellious tendencies that Rez had no idea she had, and Rez was a very strong male lead. The bad guys are formidable but not more than our heroes can handle. I liked this one.