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Alonzo Massi is a character we met in Wild Cat. So going into this one I knew to expect another dominant male that on the outside came across cold and unfeeling. In a lot of ways, he was a copy of Elijah, just with a harsher past. Evangeline we met back in Drake and Saria's book. She is the girl that raised herself in the swamp to get away from her cruel grandfather. She has one unique trait that most female leopards don't have, she and her leopard have been partners since she was a toddler trying to survive in the Louisiana swamps.  Alonzo and Evangeline have known each other for about a year. He came into her bakery one day and kept coming back, so we actually see from the periphery Siena's story and Alonzo's rise to boss. He tried to keep his distance but he couldn't; she calmed his leopard and him and that was a gift better than gold for him. She was attracted to him but because of his cold demeanor, she came to think it was one sided and starts to push away. The action was great, they didn't rush into the passion like some other Leopard books. A huge chunk of the story took place before they did the deed and in taking their time it made it more believable and less intense. I enjoyed their story, I liked her spunk and independent nature, I loved that he so easily portrayed how much she meant to him and how humbled he was to have the gift of her in his life. I also liked how she won over his brother and cousins and called them her "boys". She didn't just accept him, but his whole family and claimed them for herself. This one was good.