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My Favorite Cowboy
Donna Grant
The Christmas Cowboy Hero (Heart of Texas) - Donna Grant

Donna Grant is known for her Scottish Warriors, Dragon Kings, Fae Assassins, and Druids. Now she is tackling hot cowboys with military backgrounds. In the first book of her new series Heart of Texas, we meet the East family and more importantly we meet Clayton East, an ex-Navy SEAL who has been hiding from his past and his family. He is called home when his father has a stroke due to their CPA embezzling all of their money and someone stealing a lot of their cattle. He comes home to solve the mystery and then leave again. What he doesn’t expect to find is the sister of a teen who was part of the cattle rustlers. She is a mix of strength and vulnerability, loyalty and loneliness, and has the bluest eyes he has ever seen. He strikes a bargain with her teen brother; come work for him to pay off the debt for the lost cattle and he won't file charges against him. Abby has been raising her two younger brothers ever since their mother walked out. She is exhausted and stressed and at a loss as to how to fix her brother’s latest mistake. What she sees in Clayton is a wounded man who carries around a lot of guilt. He is also very easy on the eyes and she is definitely attracted to him. With her brother working at the ranch she finds herself spending more time there and with Clayton. Sparks fly, passions flair, and walls are let down to reveal the scars beneath. Along the way, they work together to find out who stole the cattle and how the money was embezzled. It was a really great story. Loved it from beginning to end and really didn’t want it to end. I wanted more but I wasn’t left needing more. It was perfect. Their story was a great blend of passion and a story of getting to know each other and letting the other in. Great. Can’t wait till there is more.