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Soulbound (Dark Arts Book 3) - Bec McMaster

The third and final book in the Dark Arts trilogy brings everything to a head and the couple I have very much looked forward to getting to know, Sebastian and Cleo. From the moment they grace the pages as secondary characters in books one and two they grabbed my attention so I was super excited to finally get to read their story. They deserved a happy ending the most, I think, and I loved their story from start to finish. The demon and its machinations come to a head in this one and the final battle to save not only London but Drake, if possible, was epic. The first two couples play big roles in this one, as well as Lady E, the mother I loved to hate Morgana, Remington Cross (who by the way is the first book in the spin-off series that will be coming out in the future-YAY), and a new tantalizing character by the name of Malachi Gray. He has some depths to him that I hope to explore in the spin-off series; he stole the pages he was on. Very yummy. The conflict was strong.  The struggles Sebastian and Cleo face to have a real marriage added an emotional tension and turmoil to the piece that just kept it entertaining and intense. When she finds the ticket, that scene and the subsequent confession by Sebastian in the library was so well crafted I had to read it twice. So good. Loved it. Love Bec McMaster’s way of story-telling and I am super excited to see what she has in store next.