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Deck the Halls: A Darling, VT Christmas Romance Novella (A Darling, VT Novel) - Donna Alward

This story has a Hallmark in the making movie vibe to it. It is sweet. It is innocent. It is a story of forgiveness and acceptance. Of healing and love. It was cute. I would have liked to see a bit more passion, but the storyline and character development were steady and real. George didn’t see his worth, though he was steadily rebuilding his life. He was filled with guilt and heartache and when he sees his dead best friend’s twin sister show up in his new life, he isn’t exactly pleasant. Amy though doesn’t give up and they strike up their old friendship and George does end up revealing the details Amy wanted to know how her brother died. Along the way, sparks fly and George pushes her away in a self-preservation moment and thinks he really screwed up something good when she doesn’t show up for a few days. The town pulls together to prove to George that he is seen, he is appreciated, respected, and that people do care about him. In the end, Amy comes back and shows him that she still wants to fight for him and for the future she sees them have. Overall, cute but tame. A  Hallmark holiday movie in the making. Read this as part of the St. Martin's Press Holiday Romance Blitz.