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A Season of You: A Cloud Bay Christmas Novel - Emma Douglas

This is the fourth book in the St Martin’s Holiday Romance set and it was enjoyable. Cute. Festive. Real. Passionate. Entertaining. And with a great ending. Mina has loved and lost before and she thinks she wants nothing more to do with love or men, even though she is still in her early twenties. Will has loved Mina from afar but has decided to keep his feelings to himself for she has already been through the loss of her husband, but when she has an accident outside of his distillery he rushes to her aide and goes above and beyond to show her that he cares. She is leery of him but she is attracted to him, so on Thanksgiving when he proposes a "project" where they enjoy each other’s company up until Christmas Day where they will then part ways with no hurt feelings, she can’t see why not. She does like kissing him, and drawing him, and imagining him in her bed so she agrees to his deal. Their relationship has highs and lows, drama and a few tense moments especially when she breaks things off with him a week early when he almost gets hurt. She feels like she can’t go through losing another man she cares about and if Will isn’t willing to change his dreams or life’s work then she has to cut her losses. How she wins him back in the end was sweet and well choreographed to earn his forgiveness. This one was enjoyable and sweet.