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Christmas at Two Love Lane - Kieran Kramer

This story was a sweet Hallmark romance complete with two people who didn’t want love. One was Deacon, a big successful New York playboy who didn’t want anything to do with love or commitment. He is in Charleston SC to help his aunt who raised him settle into her new condo and to fulfill her Christmas wish, for him to find a woman, but he has no intention of finding a real relationship. He is looking for some fun dates to pass the time who don’t want commitment either. In order to do that he goes to Two Love Lane, a local dating agency and meets Macy, a matchmaker that believes in finding everyone’s soulmate, not some quick hookups. She doesn’t have time for love either, she is too busy being happy with fixing everyone else up and doesn’t think she will find her soulmate for some time. Deacon annoys her at first, with his bossy demands for some Christmas flings, so she sets out to set him up with women she thinks could be his soulmate. Deacon wants none of that once he speaks with Macy; he wants to date her and only her and hopes to have his Christmas fling with her. Of course, as they get to know each other and Macy continues to try and set him up with women and ignore her own attraction to him they end up falling hard for each other. But once the secret plan that Deacon hatched with all of the women Macy set him up with comes to light he fears he has ruined everything and she feels hurt with the fact that he refuses to say whether he cares for her as more than just friends with benefits. In the end, Deacon comes to his senses and wins the only woman he wants in his life and they live happily ever after. The story overall was cute, the plot was interesting, and the conflicts kept it moving along. The passion was very tame, hence the hallmark kind of feel to the story. There isn’t anything wrong with that but if you want them burning up the page, Macy and Deacon don’t. They do have the hots for each other but those scenes stay pretty tame. Cute story and I liked the characters.