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Bound to a Spy: An All the Queen's Spies Novel - Sharon Cullen

Book two was an adventurous passion filled story of intrigue, murder plots, passions denied, and feelings hidden. Rose doesn’t fit in at court but she feels bound to give it her all to satisfy her mother’s desire for her to earn an advantageous marriage. Will is an English spy who prefers to be alone, likes what he does for a living, and doesn’t have time to protect naïve women who walk in on things they shouldn’t overhear and not smart enough to leave before it is too late. He tells himself that she will just be another casualty and that she isn’t his problem, but the more time he spends with Rose the harder it is for him to turn a blind eye to the danger she is in. She is so refreshing, strong, outspoken, independent, and stubborn and he can’t get enough of her company or her kisses. She sees in Will an interesting and honorable man who doesn’t behave like the other courtiers, and when she speaks he actually listens to her and cares about her opinion. As the murder plot thickens and the culprits zero in on Rose as an obstacle, Will does everything within his power to save her, but when she is taken he finally realizes that he loves her and it won’t be easy to walk away from her at the end of his mission, as he has continually stated to Rose. He isn’t interested in marriage and has no intention to ever marry and Rose seems ok with that decision until she doesn’t get a chance to say goodbye and worries about whether she will ever see him again. I loved the story. It was so easy to get into and fall in love with the characters and the plot. Rose is such a vibrant character on the page that it is easy to see what and how Will could be drawn to her from the very start. I loved it and can't wait to see how Tristen falls in love.