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Renny is on the run from an obsessive madman and her last chance at finding a place can be safe is Alpha, Washington, but when it is within her grasp, her car dies and she knows her stalkers are right behind her. She runs into the woods and is almost caught by the coyotes after her. The only reason she finds herself still alive is that of the wolf who shoots at her pursuer and just in the nick of time too.  Mick wants nothing from the female wolf he rescues but he can't just let her die in his front yard, so he brings her into his home and calls for help.  What he doesn't like is that the moment she shifts into her human self, he can't keep his eyes off her and when it is decided, and not by him, that she should stay the night in his home while she recovers from her injuries he can't stop himself from feeling glad that he was to have her under his roof for a bit more time.  Mick lost his mate and he doesn't know why he didn't follow her into death, but when Renny comes into his life, his wolf won't stop telling him that she is their mate. He tries to resist her and to push her away, but with each attempt on her life, he grows more and more determined to protect her and to have her. Renny is confused by Mick's behavior; when they first meet his behavior screams that he wants nothing to do with her, but then he projects protective and domineering tendencies and when he mate-claims her she is just utterly confused, but deep down she hopes that they can work things out, because she is falling in love fast and hard. I loved the characters and the concept of Alpha, Washington. This new series by Christine Warren has great potential. The villains were so easy to hate and Renny is such a strong female protagonist. I️ didn’t like how quickly Mick caves to his desire for Renny. He lost his mate and from the moment Renny runs onto his land he gives off strong vibes of how much her presence isn’t wanted but then suddenly he bites and claims her as his mate and then he goes on like it is a done deal. His resistance went from strong to nonexistent and then he was pissed when she had doubts about his commitment.  Their adventure was exciting. The dynamic between Renny and Mick was great. The action exciting. The passion intense and nonstop. It was a second chance at love for Mick and a second chance at happiness for Renny. I will definitely read more in this series. All of the secondary characters were strong and stood on their own and I️ can’t wait for each of their stories too.