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Cowboy Stole My Heart (A River Ranch Novel) - Soraya Lane

don’t typically go for the western romances. I’m more a paranormal or historical romance kind of gal, but when a rep from a publisher emailed me and asked if I️ would be interested in trying out something new, I️ thought why not. I’m so glad I️ did. I loved this story. I loved the writing style of the author. The characters were so strong, the development of their relationship was steady, real and great. The conflict was authentic and well developed. Mia is such a strong female lead and I loved how she showed Sam that she was no pampered Princess.  Sam definitely has scars and I understand his hesitation to try again at love. When she confesses her feelings the scene was so emotional and strong that I totally felt for both characters and I thought it was intense. How he wins her back was classic Hallmark romance moment, but in this case, it totally worked for the story. I️ loved every second of this story. It was passionate and entertaining and will definitely pick up more from this author and this series.