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He hates her, the hate and distrust is built up well and steady even throughout the mission to save the girl. But the moment the mission is over all of a sudden he cares. He wants to go back to her place. Says 'this won’t change anything but let’s sleep together anyway'. He blames it on the adrenaline. Her side is more believable. It is clear from the start she still loves him but is resigned to not having him. I can even understand the craving to spend the night together for her. The moment that it is all done her crying continues the belief that she wanted what little he was willing to give. But him, I didn’t like his sudden change of heart. At least not in the context that it happened. I would have believed it if Monique confirms to him that she was trying to kill him proving Lauren's story that she was just protecting him months ago when she injured his knee. Would have even believed the change of heart if it happened when he thought he truly lost her. His sudden magic abilities and that he is totally ok with that he is now part warlock after the buildup of his hatred for all things witch just made the whole thing unbelievable and far-fetched. This story had great potential but I think it needed to be a full-length novel in order to do it and the characters justice. I love her stuff, but this one was hard to enjoy for its abruptness and rushed sense of falling in love.